Here's a new way to learn about wine - by reading poetry!

This is ideal for the busy wine lover, who wants to know more, but hasn't the time to wade through the text books.

First of all, here is guidance over choosing suitable wine for the Christmas turkey.


So itís turkey this year
And we need to confer
Over wine, as we donít want to rough it.
So weíll first buy the bird Ė
Itís a big one, my word!
First weíll kill it, then pluck it and stuff it.

So where to begin?
Well most white wineís too thin,
But you could give some thought to a Chablis.
Needs a big one, mind you,
So a Premier Cru
Would be perfect and match up quite fably.

If youíre thinking of red
Then it has to be said
That the flavour youíre looking to mirror,
Would be smartly summed up
In your glass (or your cup)
With a juicy big Shiraz or Syrah.

An Australian one
Would be fine if itís from
The Barossa or píraps Coonawarra;
Its fruit and its spice
Would be really quite nice
When teamed up with the big festive sparrer.

If itís French you prefer,
Thereís a real cri de coeur
And it comes from the north of the Rhone;
Itís perfumed and fruity Ė
A real festive beauty:
Cote Rotieís a league of its own.

© Copyright John Butterwick
Le Touquet 2012